Kristina Pototskaya
Evangelist TriggMine

In 2015 performed as a speaker at 100+ events in Europe & Asia. Among them 2 Meet Magento events, eComExpo, Webit Summit, Wolves Summit.

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    2:00 pm — April 27, 2017

    5 Latest Email Marketing Trends For 2017

    Keep abreast with all the latest email marketing trends to increase the revenue from every email you send.

    • Mobile ONLY and animation to grab your customers attention
    • Personalization hacks
    • Predictive technologies and machine learning

    Knowing your customers is great, but knowing what they do is even better. It is important to track your visitor’s behavior, along with basic demographics, and send them highly personalized emails that are so targeted and relevant, they sound like a one-on-one private conversation. The result? Revive your open rates, boost your click throughs, and turn more “window shoppers” into repeat buyers.

Venue Meet Magento CZ

Černý Most, Chlumecká 765/6, 190 00 Praha

Meet Magento CZ 2017 will take place on April 27 at the cutting-edge CineStar movie theatre in the amusement center Černý Most.