Ivan Chepurnyi
Independent Consultant & Trainer EcomDev BV

Ivan has extensive Magento development experience. He took the unique opportunity to be part of the first core team to learn the system from the inside out. He is one of the pioneers in applying test-driven development practices and using a performance-first approach in building Magento projects. Being an eager learner, he likes to share his knowledge and experience with other developers through his training courses and helps merchants to find the right solution for their business requirements as an independent consultant.

  • IvanChepurnyi

    3:00 pm — April 27, 2016

    Challenges of Architecting Magento 2.0 Customizations

    We all have built our professional career on Magento 1.x edition and switching to Magento 2 is a huge step forward. We were so much used to Magento 1.x bad habits that it is now very hard to embrace new paradigms brought by the new major release.

    In my talk, we are going to walk through software architecture challenges for making our code portable across any feature breaking changes. As if we lock ourselves into particular platform version, we will never be able to innovate and move forward.

Venue Meet Magento CZ

Černý Most, Chlumecká 765/6, 190 00 Praha

Meet Magento CZ 2017 will take place on April 27 at the cutting-edge CineStar movie theatre in the amusement center Černý Most.